Linda Lewis, Figurative Sculptures in clay

Colorful life II - Clay

Linda Lewis creates original, figurative clay sculptures that bring to life ordinary people and the lives they represent - from a parent sharing a moment with a child to a middle age woman lamenting about what she looks like in a bathing suit to a person searching for a colorful life. She slab or coilbuilds the structures and uses a glazing techniques and oxides that bring depth and texture to the surface. If you look closely you may recognize yourself.

From the artist:

Most recent artwork can be found in the 'works' section under 'Current Work.'  It is almost impossible to photograph and post all pieces that I create, so if you see a piece you're interested in it is possible I may have another that is similar--and of course I can always create another original piece that is similar to the work you like.  Check out my blog on this site!

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